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"Well, well." Paige grinned. "Look who it is." 

Small footsteps filled the room. “What brings you here, Tony?” She quipped.

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"What's your favorite idea? Mine's being creative.”

  • An independent Paige rp blog based off the human design of the notepad from the YouTube series Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.
  • The mun is semi-selective and will rp with characters outside of DHMIS and well-written OCs.
  • Mun has 4 years of roleplay experience and 2 year roleplay experience on tumblr.
  • Accepts M!As.
  • Prefers plotted rps
  • Writes in paragraph form and one liners. I do use icons. I do not mind others using different rping styles from mine.
  • This blog does not multi-ship but AUs are accepted.
  • Will not smut but will rp anything from gore, abuse (self, physical, sexual, emotional, etc.), and about anything else. I will tag when needed.
  • Always open for plot but remember this blog is semi-selective and holds the right to say no.

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Paige grinned at the child. She always had such a soft spot for children. She bent down, hands on knees, so she was eye level with the boy. He seemed awfully thin and pale. Oh, she knew why. This was London. He was a workhouse boy.

"Hello there, little one. My name is Paige. Who might you be?" She asked him in a cooing voice.



"Tobias…" He started hesitantly, eyeing her brightly colored mass of hair and jet black everything else. She was exceedingly strange looking, probably wasn’t from London. Plus her dress certainly stood out if nothing else. "Tobias Ragg. N-no one calls me Tobias, though, ‘s jus’ Toby."

"Toby," Paige repeated, her voice remaining soft. "That is a lovely name. Tell me Toby, why are you wearing such a thin coat on such a chilly day?" She asked him, as if she didn’t know. But perhaps she asked to maybe hear a different answer. Maybe the boy was not a factory worker or something of the sorts. 



"Only one I’ve go’, Miss." He replied with a grimace, looking down at the tattered coat. “‘M lucky t’be ou’side a’ all, though. No one wants t’see kids lower than dirt when they’re goin’ abou’ their day, tha’s wha’ the master says." The boy looked down at the ground, scuffing his boot back and forth against the concrete. “‘M only out ‘ere ‘cause we each ge’ a day t’go ou’side every month. This’s mine, the 10th."

A small frown appeared on her pale face. Once a month? That was barbaric and it made Paige’s heart hurt to hear children being treated this way. “Dear, that is no good… Is there anything I can do to help?” She asked.

Of course there probably was so little she could do. Kids were stuck with their masters until they got hurt, killed, or grew older.

"Are you hungry? I could get you something." She suggested, an inky hand placed on the young boy’s shoulder.




"It sure is cold here, huh?" Paige asked the blonde.

"I am not one for it. Do you like it?" 


"Is it cold? I hadn’t really noticed
           Well I suppose it is a
           touch brisker than usual.

                                       —- I quite enjoy it, actually.”

"You like it, hmm? It makes it hard for one to make art in the cold. Your paints freeze up and it hurts to move your body." Paige groaned at the thought of it.

"What do you like most about the cold?" Paige quipped again.