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"Listen to your heart~ Listen to the rain~! Listen to the voices inside your brain~!"

Hnngh I instantly fell in love with aishaneko's design of the notebook from “Don’t hug me I’m scared”, so I had to join the bandwagon and throw some fanart at this awesome artist out on the interwebs. She’s been one of my favorite artists and my biggest inspiration for years. Seriously look at her stuff she’s amazing.  dhfdaskjfds h


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Which Hogwarts house do you think the muse belongs in and why?

I made this account way back in early February 2014 due to my love for DHMIS and I have not regretted it. Though this fandom may have disappeared for now I enjoyed all the DHMIS roleplayers I interacted with, both the ones that left and stayed. I also enjoyed all my other RPs with muses outside of the fandom. I really cannot believe I passed 300 followers a few weeks back. This is my thanks to all of you.

Creative Prodigies(people who I rp with on a regular basis and whom I consider close friends): epochofunpredictability, xamelixrate, ubiquitous-smiling, vitixted (these first four blogs are from the same mun and I met her because of this fandom and she is basically my best friend. Follow her), of-storms-and-sunshine, olivers-amazing-travels-

Painter’s Apprentices (people who I enjoy rping with and wish to do so more with.): ticktock-saystheclock, snihovakoroleva, txddnotbarker, the-ragged-ragg, the-timespringers, aintyourpuddin, chaos-and-creativity, expectingbutler, reapergrellsutcliff, annotatingarchangels, thatclockistalking, anthony-the-talking-clock and there are so many more of you that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Basically, if we rped before, you made the list.

Thank you all so much. I hope to continue RPing as Paige for many more months and hopefully years to come. Also, here is the source of the lovely picture I used for this.


Paper Cuts 

Just this one time cause these videos actually freak me out but…designing……Notepad has a tattoo across the breast area that says “creativity” and tattoos everywhere cause well…”drawings” notepad’s arms are “spiral bound” on - so is their neck/head …you can’t see it on here but at the DA link you can -u- ! Also those heels with the spinal cord as the heel…they wear that too…If I can (have time…)…I will try to draw the clock….

@ DA

I Apologize

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        Icy eyes flickered back and forth
        between the two books before
        her. This decision was truly more
        difficult than just about any political
        one she made on a regular basis.

                                      ——— To read or to write?

                  Her mind was restless, and
                  there was something calming
                  about creation. Yet the unrest
                  made it difficult to form her own
                  thoughts. And though she was
                  so very scattered, Elsa was so
                  focused on her dilemma that
                  she had become closed off
                  from the outside world.

"Interesting girl." Paige whispered ever so softly in a hidden corner.

She had to see- No, she had to meet this young woman, or queen to be more appropriate. Word had spread like wildfire that there was a beautiful queen who had the power of snow and ice at her fingertips.

But that was not what had gotten Paige’s attention. She did not come so far out for that. No. Apparently, this queen could make gorgeous creations with her powers.


Rumor had it that in seconds she could make the most beautifully crafted ice sculptures. She could make magnificent architectures stories high in a blink of an eye.

Paige had to see. She got so excited when thinking about it.



Paige blinked in confusion.

"Harley Quinn… Are you some kind of strange mascot or something?"




"I’m a supervillain!

This only added to Paige’s confusion.

"S-supervillain?" She repeated. Was this woman serious? Did superheroes and supervillains even exist?